About Company

Neharicca Child Security Services is very excited to introduce its product Neharicca Child Security Services ERP Solutions to educational institutes to improve their decision making process. The software would bring the most relevant information on a single click hence helping management, teachers & other stake holders to make an effective decision on time to achieve success. It is a most comprehensive & cost effective web-based institute management software ever built. The solution has been specially designed for a complete automation of complex processes of an educational institute & to open a better line of communication between student, teacher, parents & management.

The system has been designed & developed after thorough research of the educational institute needs and challenges they face in the day to day operations. We worked in close co-ordination with senior academician, finance controllers, college deans, examination in-charges, CCE Coordinator's & teachers to incorporate their learnings into the system. Since real time information is centrally located it is easily accessible anytime, anywhere in the world through Internet browser, phones or any other Internet connected device. With its ean-tu-use interface, integrated features & solid technical architecture, Neharicca Child Security Services is a perfect assistant for any administrator.

Product Benefits!

Neharicca Child Security Services ERP Solutions helps an education institution to become compliant with nationally acknowledged best practices for the education sector. It is developed with significant domain expertise contributed by leading educationists.

Neharicca Child Security Services invests on your Institutionand bears all the Hardware & Infra setup costs. YourInstitution does not have to pay any upfront cost onHardware & Setup. One of the most unique features of Neharicca Child Security Services is its Insurance For Every Student

Integrated/ Role Based

Each type of user will have a individual dashboard. Let user view/edit the information which is relevant to them. You have a great control on who will see what.

Automate every process in your school!

User Friendly

Design for us is not how it looks like but how it works. Everything we do we take utmost care that how the user will use the system with ease.

Real Time Information

In today's digital world you need to make decision with lightening speed therefore we ensured that you get real time feed to your business wherever you are in the world. Our product solves biggest problem of information availability on time.

Mobile App

Our mobile app gives you and parents a great control to find every piece of information in your cell phone like fee collection, home work attendance alert etc. Parents can view the digital report card.

Make Good Decisions

Neharicca Child Security Services ERP Solutions not only automate your school processes but gives you an amazing ability to access, control & decide in real time.